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GRAI is a Western Australian community-based group with a mission to create a responsive and inclusive mature age environment that promotes and supports a quality life for older and ageing people of diverse sexualities and gender identities.


We are a voluntary group that works to enhance the quality of life for GLBTI (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, intersex) elders, focusing on improving GLBTI awareness in aged care services (both residential and community care). We also aim to promote healthy ageing and social inclusion for older GLBTI people through a range of events and projects.


We advocate for LGBTI elders' rights with governments; provide training in the aged care sector; and collaborate with researchers in order to increase the visibility and understanding of, and respect for GLBTI elders. Our work with the community aims to strengthen social connectivity through peer and intergenerational friendships. 

 Should you have any questions about our work, GLBTI issues in ageing or to become involved in GRAI please contact us.





ACTIVITY CO-ORDINTOR - This is a 1-day/week position for 18 months

GRAI has secured grant for a project which will greatly enhance our capacity to deliver social events and information activities for LGBTI elders, and to explore ways to improve and maintain community connections and support.

This project will employ an Activities Coordinator for 18 months. It will be led by an Events Committee of LGBTI elders.

 The project will be LGBTI elders’ led and the successful candidate will enjoy working with the organising group to:  

a) design and deliver a program of 9 events to build peer support, and  

b) develop a suite of 6 resources to support community building and healthy ageing. 

 Essential Criteria for the position are:

  • Knowledge of and enthusiasm for GRAI’s work, and an affinity with LGBTI elders.

  • Experience of working with older people to develop resources or deliver projects.

  • Be imaginative and experienced in events organisation and able to deliver activities within a budget.

  • Capacity to develop resources suggested by the elders group and/or as outcomes from activities.

  • Good time  and self management skills and proven ability to meet deadlines.

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

  • The ability to be motivational and inclusive and to encourage volunteer engagement.


The position is a 1 day/week consultancy to 30 June 2020. Hours can be worked flexibly.


This position is paid on a consultancy basis of $500/day, on submission of an invoice with ABN. This project is funded by a Federal Government ACNS trials grant. 


Please send your CV and a cover letter addressing the essential criteria and outlining your experience by 5pm, 22 Feb 2019, to: Chair - June Lowe

Or for further information call 9436 3422 | 0435 517 753





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