Talking Generations III

Event Date: 
Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Talking Generations III builds on GR I’s previous two T-Gens events (2013 and 2015) in an intergenerational exploration of LGBTI culture and community. 

It provides a rare opportunity for LGBTI generations to learn from each other and enrich our sense of history, respect and community. Through natural, cafe-style conversations, participants exchange stories, gaining encouragement and insights, as well as opportunities to foster new friendships. 

This year’s cafe will focus on themes of resistance and resilience: important cornerstones of hope and healthy survival in a sometimes heartless world. 

T-Gens III also introduces an exciting theatrical element: ‘improv’ actors will play back key narratives as a reflective and entertaining culmination of the T-Gens experience. 


GRAI Talking Generations III – LGBTI Intergenerational Theatre Cafe is organised by GRAI (GLBTI Rights in Ageing Inc) as part of our social inclusion program. 

GRAI is a community-based, unfunded organisation.  Founded in 2005, GRAI works to support the rights and well-being of LGBTI elders. We provide advocacy to governments, training to the aged care sector, and social outreach to our LGBTI community.  In collaboration with Agelink Theatre and Concepts4Change 


Inviting Partners Talking Generations III – Intergenerational Theatre Cafe is seeking support from community-minded sponsors. We are offering opportunities for 2 Gold Sponsorships and 4 Silver Sponsorships.  For more information contact June Lowe, GRAI Chair - 9436 3422 | 0435 517 753


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