It is acknowledged that having a well-trained workforce to deliver aged care services is essential if inclusive GLBTI practice is to be achieved. This is a high-priority focus for GRAI, who deliver the following programs:


1. Right to Belong - Five Part Program (preparing to meet the 6 National Standards for LGBTI Inclusivity)

Expressions of interest are sought from aged care service providers for participation in GRAI’s 2018 program: Right To Belong, creating an LGBTI inclusive aged care service.

This is a year-long program to achieve sustainable, organisational change for LGBTI inclusivity. It will support the development of services that are welcoming and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals and their families.

The program supports organizations to implement the 6 National Standards for LGBTI inclusive practice to ensure your service will confidently provide a culturally safe environment for LGBTI people and also meet legal obligations for inclusive service provision.

About The Program

The program involves a series of 5 workshops over a 12 month period to coach participants through the practical steps involved in building an LGBTI inclusive service. Participants will be supported to plan, implement and evaluate changes in their service including:

1. Conducting an organisational audit

2. Consulting consumers

3. Educating colleagues

4. Developing and implementing an action plan

5. Managing obstacles

6. Evaluating changes

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2. Right to Belong - Intro (FREE Training)

GRAI will be delivering free training sessions to promote a better understanding of the needs of LGBTI people, and increase the confidence of aged care staff to deliver an inclusive, best practice service.  The training is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health as part of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Training Project and is free to those working within the aged care sector.

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3. GRAI's Consulting & Training 

GRAI offers fee-for-service individualised consulting and training to support agencies to become GLBTI inclusive. Services are undertaken for organisation-specific needs and are devised for your capacity. GRAI consulting and training crosses workforce training, policy development and implementation, service evaluation, case-studies, awareness raising.

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4.  Keynote Speaker/Presentations 

GRAI can provide Keynote Speakers and Presentations on the subject of GLBTI Rights in Ageing, Promoting and Working towards a Safe and Inclusive environment for older GLBTI people.  Through our work with governments, the aged care sector and the community, advocating for LGBTI elders rights' since 2005, we have provided national leadership in this field through, research, education and community outreach.

Enquiries and Schedule of Fees, Please see document below or contact Training 

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